Our Company

CPA Allies is an independent, RIA firm, specializing in providing accounting and finance professionals with insurance, investment and planning services. We work with young, mid-career and senior level accountants and CPAs. We also act as trusted, unbiased partners to CPA and accounting firms who provide tax, audit and compliance services to their clients.

We have two approaches:

  1. Working one-on-one with accounting professionals by providing customized financial planning services to meet their specific needs.
  2. Serving as trusted advisors for accounting firms who want to provide their clients with a resource for their insurance, investment, and planning needs.

CPAs and accountants are some of the smartest and most trusted business experts you can have in your professional network. However, many times they need personal assistance making financial decisions that impact all aspects of their life. Accounting firms offer many vital services to their clients but often times lack the expertise of the protection, investment and financial planning that will complete the holistic circle their clients desire.

CPA Allies was created, to serve the needs of the accounting professionals and their clients in an unbiased, transparent and ethical manner. We understand the need to have a relationship with a partner you can trust and feel comfortable working with.

It is no longer acceptable for CPAs to just prepare tax returns and financial statements. The very best clients expect, demand and deserve much more value from their CPA, who must evolve into the most trusted business advisor role. CPA Allies helps you solve the complicated problems for your best individual and business owner clients.

We concentrate our efforts on developing and maintaining the relationship with the accounting community. Our sole interest is in enabling them to address and solve their clients’ issues, only working directly with the clients when that trust is established. This model solves their client retention risk, makes them more valuable to their client and helps them grow their practice organically.

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